Patch Notes 05/10/2023

- Value List - New dedicated value list page that uses community values to sort. Going to test it out with Adopt Me first and then roll it out to others.

- Sellers can now accept the 2nd offer on an auction after 48 hours of an unresponsive buyer

- Image Resizing - Images are now resized to their correct size which should speed up the site


- Accessibility - Aria-labels for buttons and links

- Offer filters fixed

- Added loading symbol for enabling notifications in settings


Patch Notes April 19, 2023

Our homepage has a new UI for filters! Customize your search to find the perfect item for what you need among all our listings. An important thing to remember is that you can search any stats you want across item types.

ex) Add the stat + defense and select gloves and now you will see all the listings for gloves with that stat!


- Home page slider will now stay round

- Twitch stream 100% muted on play

- Removed preferred console from settings since it wasn't doing anything

- Don't show value graph if there is no values


Patch Notes April 13, 2023

- Edit Listing for Akrew Pro - This long awaited feature is going to go out to Akrew Pro users first. Eventually it will be available for everyone after thorough testing.


- Discord Notifications now have the game name in them

- Fixed captcha issues

- Remove items without images from Profile Pic selector


Patch Notes April 04, 2023

- Report specific message - Users can now report specific chat messages and it will add the chat message as evidence instead of having to take a screenshot


- Listings should no longer clear on mistakes

- Added max number check on amount for offers


Patch Notes March 15, 2023

- New Reports UI and no report reason minimum or photo required for bot reports


Patch Notes March 02, 2023

- Only update the verified purchase if there isn't one already on the review

- What's New Page fullscreen mode


- File upload doesn't allow duplicate images


Patch Notes February 16, 2023

- D2R Ladder listings before 02/15/23 reset


- Fixed a bug where scammers were able to verify their Roblox without using the game

- Forgot password fix

- Added small message above looking for listing offers to notify user that only listings with prices will show up

- Changed wishlist empty message from "No listings" to "Add something to your wishlist"

- Fixed Discord login issue


Patch Notes February 09, 2023

- New dedicated email verification page to make it easier to find

- New email verification popup to tell users how and where to verify

- Community Value will now show up on the items pages

Bug fixes

- Everyone should be getting redirected to the onboarding/tutorial now


Patch Notes January 26, 2023

- Changed pencil button to a full "Edit Profile" button that's more obvious

- Turned on Review Responses for all games

Pet Simulator X

- Simplify listing prices for Pet Sim X (10B instead of 10,000,000,000)


- Captcha for making listings will no longer show up for users who have more than 20 reviews and their oldest review is older than a month


- Fix nookazon image showing up in link preview for items with no image


Patch Notes January 24, 2023

- Community Value - A value that is decided by our expert teams who have knowledge within the community

- Trades - Completed trades for each item are being tracked. This is only turned on for Royale High for now

Bug fixes

- Username now shows up in offer notifications

- Chat redirect to correct chat from notification now working on chat page

- Fixed timezone misspellings