Patch Notes January 26, 2023

- Changed pencil button to a full "Edit Profile" button that's more obvious

- Turned on Review Responses for all games

Pet Simulator X

- Simplify listing prices for Pet Sim X (10B instead of 10,000,000,000)


- Captcha for making listings will no longer show up for users who have more than 20 reviews and their oldest review is older than a month


- Fix nookazon image showing up in link preview for items with no image


Patch Notes January 24, 2023

- Community Value - A value that is decided by our expert teams who have knowledge within the community

- Trades - Completed trades for each item are being tracked. This is only turned on for Royale High for now

Bug fixes

- Username now shows up in offer notifications

- Chat redirect to correct chat from notification now working on chat page

- Fixed timezone misspellings


Patch Notes January 9, 2023


- Fixed reset correct catalog for some games

- Added "check spam" to check email message on sign up


Patch Notes January 4, 2023

- Chat box now auto expands when typing a multi-line message

- Roblox Verification

- Royale High Halo Count is now on your profile


- Reviews no longer show up twice

- Fixed Akrew Pro users being able to remove profile pictures

- Offer options now formatted the same as listing options


Patch Notes December 22, 2022

Bug fixes

- Fixed deleting Instagram off of profile

- Fixed saving properties across creatign listings


Patch Notes December 8, 2022

- Fixed all true/false filters on the Recent Trades tab


Patch Notes December 6, 2022

- Some listing options now have the ability to be entered as decimals

Bug Fixes

- Fixed multiple listing notifications for items


Patch Notes December 1, 2023

- Some listing options will now show up in the listing title to better differentiate certain options

- Added Club Roblox

Bug Fixes

- Fixed Giveaways page broken if logged out

- Fix "OR" not showing up when offering your listing on a looking for listing


Patch Notes November 17, 2022

- Add pronouns on profile for all games

- Add "Other listings from this seller" which will show additional things the seller has for sale on any of their listings

- Support for multi-factor authentication on the App

Bug Fixes

- App login issues


Patch Notes November 03, 2022

- Security update to log users out every 14 days

- Fail to log in to your account 10 times will lock your account until you password reset

- Multi-factor authentication

- Notifications from the app will now make a sound

Bug Fixes

- Users can now view their own listing pages while they're offline to edit stock listings

- You can no longer request a chat with a user multiple times

- If a chat you are redirected to is closed it will notify you and redirect you back